Studying the arts is about much more than mastering your craft. The Fine Arts cultivate essential skills that students can apply to all aspects of their life, including self confidence, coordination, and concentration (just to name a few!). We are here to help students cultivate their creative side and become the best possible versions of themselves. It’s that simple.

Rachel Turgoose

CEO/CFO, Founder
Director of Operations, Band and Orchestra

Rachel is the founder of and Director of Operations at RMT Music and a Certified Educational Representative and Clinician for ReedGeek. Her teaching experience spans over 15 years, and she has earned both a Bachelor’s in Music Education and a Masters in Jazz Performance. With over a decade of professional performance, touring, education, and instrumental/vocal recording experience, Rachel has found her perfect home in the live music capital of the world in Austin, TX.

Email: rachel@rmtmusic.com
Website: www.rachelturgoose.com
Instagram: @rachelturgoosemusic
Facebook: @rachelturgoosemusic

Elizabeth Thigpen

Director of Operations, Choir

Elizabeth’s extensive experience in individual instruction and voice pedagogy along with her professional performances has led her to become the Director of Operations of Choir at RMT Music, where she works alongside Choir Directors to provide exceptional instruction to all levels. Opera performances includes H.M.S. Pinafore, Hansel and Gretel, The Old Man and the Thief, and participation in the world premier of Lady Bird: First Lady of the Land.

Email: elizabeth.thigpen@rmtmusic.com

Stephanie Hulsey

San Antonio Representative, RMT Music

Email: stephanie.hulsey@rmtmusic.com

The Instructors

Flute: Stephanie Hulsey, Maryssa Chartier
Clarinet: Amy Austria, Rachel Turgoose, Derek Thigpen
Oboe: Ryan Hirokawa, Ruby Oliva
Bassoon: Lilian Vo
Saxophone: Rachel Turgoose, Derek Thigpen, Collin Houlihan
Trumpet: Kirsten Boynt, Sparky Thomason, Regina Seeman, Noel Leora
Trombone: Ulrican Williams, Roosevelt Bradley
Low Brass: Dr. Janet Tracy, Ulrican Williams
Percussion: Joshua Alderete
Upper Strings: Jamie Magor
Lower Strings: Derek Thigpen, Apolinar Ramriez
Voice: Elizabeth Thigpen, Cassidy Wallace, Andres Ojeda
Jazz Voice: Rachel Turgoose
Piano: Tyler Rouse, Derek Thigpen
Piano Accompanist: Tyler Rouse, Ezra Bartz

We’re musicians, artists, and dancers. We get it.

We’re musicians. We understand that it takes hard work and dedication to learn an instrument, and we are here to help you reach your goals. Let’s talk!

Let’s make some music!

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