RMT Music is a premier mobile lessons provider. That’s right-mobile! We work with school districts and adult students throughout Texas to provide high quality lessons to all. By joining forces with band, choir, and orchestral programs, our instructors are able to give lessons before, during, and after school. How convenient is that!?

Are you an adult student interested in learning more about lessons? That’s great! RMT Music works with students in all stages of their musical growth.

Music lessons are about much more than mastering your instrument. Music cultivates essential skills that students can apply to all aspects of their life, including self confidence, coordination, and concentration (just to name a few!). We are here to help students cultivate their creative side and become the best possible versions of themselves. It’s that simple.

We’re musicians. We get it.

We’re musicians. We understand that it takes hard work and dedication to learn an instrument, and we are here to help you reach your goals. Let’s talk!

Let’s make some music!

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