RMT Music is now an official dealer and Certified Education Representative for ReedGeek! This means that we have reed tools AND clinics that are exclusively through RMT Music! Grab the ReedGeek tool, save hundreds of dollars on reeds, AND we’ll show you how to use it. Sounds like a deal to us!

Geeklet Set


Plaque and Gague

Geeklet Set (recommended): $80
Includes Geeklet, Plaque and Gauge

Recommended purchase for all districts. Set includes the Geeklet tool and the Plaque and Gauge set. Price includes shipping.

Geeklet: $65

The Geeklet tool enhances reed performance by rapidly and accurately flattening reed tables. Never again throw away new reeds. Price includes shipping.

Plaque and Gauge: $26

The Plaque Set allows students to quickly and easily determine mouthpiece facing lengths and gauge the exact position for most effective reed adjustment and balancing.

click here to Contact us to purchase your Geeklet sets and inquire about clinics.

“You need to hear it and feel it to believe it.”

Bob Sheppard

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